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Please help to do Guild Quest & Dungeon Guild Quest. Please help to donate gold so we can get a guild town soon
Reward roll function has been implemented please read up how it work, thanks
Ventrilo Server is up, please install and use it
Guys and Gals please post your Timezone Information into the Clan Events thread. We need it to plan our upcoming event, Thanks
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 Chikara Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Chikara Guild Rules   Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:39 pm

:: Our Rules ::
- No leeching, or looting.
(If you need to go afk more than 10min please leave the party you may follow at your own discretion but must leave pt.)
(You may tell your party member I be back in 15 min please reserve the slot for me and rejoin the party when you are back)
- No intentionally abusing of bug or glitches that is against the term of use from Aeria Games
- No intentionally being rude.
- Respect each other.
- If a problem arises inform the leader, vice leader, or special members. They will try to settle it.
(We do not encourage member to leave Guild without trying to resolve misunderstanding)
- Help with questing, crafting, farming, etc.
- Involve each other when possible.
- Try to find party in guild or zone chat in ch1 first before you request for help from higher level players
- Do not treat others as slaves, everyone needs a little time to do their own things too but we will always try to help if partys cannot be formed.
- Care and share. (Always share drop item among the party members.)
- Highly encourage players to help out in guild quest and guild gold, non-contributor to guild will be put on probation and might be removed from guild. We need people that will engage as a family.
- Ninja Loot IS NOT ALLOW, will be kicked out of guild after 2nd warning.
- Inactive players are not encouraged in clan, inactive for more than 2 to 3 weeks without leave application will be kicked out of clan.
(We all have real life issues such as exam, holiday, work travel, kindly apply for leave in Guild Forum so we know you are not quitting and will be back. This is to prevent anyone from being wrongly kick out of Guild)

::Extra Note::
Please remember this is a family to everyone of us.
As much as I could I like everyone to be polite and respect each other.
Nobody would like to feel offended.
If you do not wish someone to do something bad to you, firstly do not attempt to behave in that manner.

::Guild Contribution System:: (Not a MUST, but when slot is requires inactive & non contributor might be remove to invite potential player)
Considering: 5 days per week
Guild Quest: Contribute daily 20 fame or Contribute weekly 100 fame
Guild Gold: Contribute daily 2gold or Contribute weekly 10 gold
10gold per week is not difficult, you pay 1gold 904 silver to buy guild quest but you get 3gold 904silver when you complete the guild quest. You will have 2gold extra upon completion.
We will be using our old Chikara system, an excel spreadsheet will be created for Guild Contribution System which will be posted in forum on every Sunday. This is to ensure that data is open to everyone so no gold will be misused.
There is two way to contribute gold:
- Mail the gold to the Hochmeister or Meister
- If you are worried that your gold will be misused, kindly whisper the Hochmeister or Meister and make sure they are not afking. Then donate your gold directly to the guild. Once the system capture that gold has been donated it will be updated into the Guild Contribution excel spreadsheet
We hereby thank everyone in advance for working together to level up the guild.

::Drop distribution System::
This is a caring and sharing Guild.
As much as I am concern.
Drop has to be share out among party members, as everyone did their part to kill the mob.
If Guild run is carried out, drop distribution rules has to be follow as per listed below:
(1) Please select need for items you required for the class that you are currently playing
Example: Damage Staff, only the damage Mage can select need for it. Damage Mage if you already have it please select Greed or if your current staff is better please select Greed. Drop priority goes to the main class first.
(2) Please select greed for items you do not required.
(3) Trophy from boss, only select need if is require by the class you are currently playing.
Example: Wiz Trophy, only the healer that is healing can select need for it. Healer if you already have it please select Greed.

::Guild Reward System::
We reward all our guild member who have help to contribute guild fame.
As a small "thank you" we have created a little game to give rewards for every 500 guild fame a character collects.
((Here)) for the list of prizes available.

In Chikara, we ensure that the drop distribution is fair. This is to aids everyone in guild being able to gear their main class up with the best item found.


New rules will be added as and when required/needed. Edited 7th September 2010

Missing TheLonelySoul so much | TheLonelySoul you are my dearest Couple <3

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Posts : 724
Join date : 2009-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Chikara Guild Rules   Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:05 am

New rules has been added. Edited 7th September 2010

Missing TheLonelySoul so much | TheLonelySoul you are my dearest Couple <3
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Chikara Guild Rules
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