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 Basics for NV

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Posts : 32
Join date : 2009-11-08
Location : Finland

PostSubject: Basics for NV   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:29 pm

This is my quide for succesful NV runs!
First of all don't take it too serious :P
I'm ready to listen your advices because it's important for everyone to listen what others have to say.
Please read the whole quide before posting a reply ^^

Night Valley

Night Valley is good exp for lvl30-39 players. But only when you know what you are doing.
There is always chance of death and doing things wrong will be fatal.

Making a Party

When forming a NV party make sure you have atleast one OHS (tank) and one healer in a team.
This will make things go a lot easier. Other 4 spots are for damage dealers or for a second healer or possible for a second tank.
You can do runs with less than 6 people but in my opinion more ppl more fun.

Soul Mates in the same party helps if they remember to use SM heal.
Having different DD classes in the party is adviced - every party buff is helpful.
Always use item auto share to make game fair for everyone.

Know Your Surroundings

NV consist of 8 rooms and some of them are hard for low level parties.
Sometimes taking only lower level mobs can be the best way gain experience.

This map shows good rounds for different parties:

round consist only low lvl mobs. There is low chance of death.
All our clan tanks and healers are able to train here

RED lines consist of higher lvl mobs. Tank should be level 35+ and healer have full 2nd job heals. These rooms are a lot harder! Rushing will lead to death! You can do RED rounds without bosses by staying near the walls in boss rooms.

ORANGE circles shows where bosses are. Do NOT rush to bosses before you have cleaned the room.
Bosses are NOT good exp. Chance of death is high and they take longer to kill than other mobs.

In North Valley there are different kind of mobs.
Click spoiler for more info


Tank is the leader of the party.
It's tanks job to find mobs which are safe to kill with the team.
If you don't know the healer you are partying with start with low level mobs. Those give good exp anyway.
Good gear is adviced in NV. Hero set is the best option. It costs a lot but makes job easier for both you and healer.
Even with a good gear stay away from Vortex Entrance room (North Eastern corner) if you don't have a good healer and great DDs.

Tanks job is to keep all monster attacking himself and not DD classes or worse - a healer.

Key skills to keep agro:

  1. Splinter Effect
  2. Provoke
  3. Weakened Area
  4. Any OHS attack skill - your choice
  5. Wild Provoke
  6. Charge

Click spoiler for more info
Organize your hotkeys! This is more important than you might first think. Here is my example of skillbars:

This works for me. Keep HP potions always ready, 16k pots can keep me alive for one group. You can never know when Healer is going to disconnect.
Buffing in the middle of NV can get random Ninjas in the move thats the reason you should keep some attack skills in buff tab too.
Keeping splinter in the main tab is adviced so you can see the cooltime all the time.

Find your own good placements for skills! Also I\'m missing an important one: Bow. It's used to draw monsters. Sorry for not using it ;-;

Damage Dealers

Your job is to take down mobs as fast as possible without making every monster of the area attack yourself.
Easiest way to avoid being attacked is use singe target attacks for first to let tank create some agro to himself.
But this won't work if you are not sharing target with the tank.

Target Share:
Click spoiler for more info

After few seconds good tank sould have attracted enough agro and you can start spamming aoe skills.

Being a DD can be hard as your life depends on Tank&Healer. But it's only the game. There is death. Live with it. The game is full of bugs and clitches that may kill part of the party. There are skills for mages, archers and melees that can safe in emergencies if you are afraid of death.
So try not to whine without reason.


This is hardest job of them all but here some advices:

Don\'t be shy to say your opinion about others.
If team is moving too fast or you can't keep up healing shout party to stop.
Asking tanks HP and defense/ looking his or her gear will help you foresee a bit about the run.
Pay attention to teams buffs and if you see some important buffs missing open your mouth.
Silent healer is not the best healer.

Taking Down the Bosses

Bosses are easy when done right with a good party.
Bosses are also fun to kill and you can get crystals which are needed to summon Black Eagle.
Thats enough reason to try kill them when ever you feel like it.
And of course bosses give exp too.

Requirements for Boss party:
Click spoiler for more info

Advisable order:
Click spoiler for more info


Thank you Ariel for being my tank
Thank you Trivia for everything else

Please read text and if you find typos, spelling errors or grammar mistakes pass them here.
Of course all suggestions and other corrections are welcome too
I will write your name under Credits ^^

Thank you for your time - See you in Game

Last edited by Tonttu on Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:07 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Posts : 724
Join date : 2009-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Basics for NV   Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:01 am

OMG, this is really a wonderful guide. It is beautifully written.
I think all clannies need to read this up.
Remember to click on Spoiler for more details.

No wonder Tonttu took 4hrs long to complete.
Thanks for the great work.
I am sure everyone going to appreciate this alot.

Hope you have tones of sweet dreams soon <3

Missing TheLonelySoul so much | TheLonelySoul you are my dearest Couple <3
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Posts : 29
Join date : 2009-11-11
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Basics for NV   Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:29 am

Wow such an awesome guide ^^

Definately worth the wait :D :D

Hopefully most if not all clannies get to read this :P
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PostSubject: Re: Basics for NV   

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Basics for NV
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